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Kristina’s Artful Electro-Etcher

Kristina’s Artful Electro-Etcher


Compatible with Ryobi/Milwaukee/Kobalt 20v/24v battery platforms

15VDC etching – pulses on/off 50 times per second for sharper etching
32VAC Darkening circuit
Momentary push button activates circuit for safety
Toggle switch chooses Etch or Darken circuit


  • Etcher main unit
  • Red/Black alligator clips
  • 20 paper-core cotton swabs (etching pads)
  • 10ml Electrolyte 94
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10ml Electrolyte 94 will last for dozens of etches

Cotton swabs are ideal for the small size of knifemaker logos

20-30 seconds of each Etch/Darken will create a crisp, dark etch

Do not etch more than 30 seconds at a time

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 6 in

Kobalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi


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