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Hellfire forge – single burner


Introducing our new budget line of blacksmith forges.
Simple and affordable, these are inswool lined forges.
Designed to have the front and rear partially blocked by firebricks
We include a bag of Satanite 3000° refractory to line the shell for longer life
We include a bag of Kastolite/Plibrico to build a flux resistant bottom

5″ x 12″ open ended chamber
Removable/adjustable legs
100k BTU burner
0-20 PSI regulator
16 oz. Kaolite LI30 flux-resistant mortar
12 oz. 3000° refractory mortar

Some assembly required.
1. Install the included leg bolts
2. Install the included 8-32NC bolts into the burner port
3. Mix the Kastolite/Plibrico powder with water, a little at a time, until paste like. Use this mixture to build a bottom for the forge chamber.
4. Mix a splash of water with the Satanite and mix until wet, coat the entire inside of the forge. Allow to dry overnight.

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Do not operate until you have coated the wool with refractory

Additional information

Weight21 lbs
Dimensions13 × 10 × 12 in

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