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Graham Anvil – 142 Lbs 4140 steel – ETA 11-1-22

Graham Anvil – 142 Lbs 4140 steel – ETA 11-1-22


Much like it’s namesake, the Graham anvil has gotten 25lbs bigger since it’s introduction to the knifemaking world!

Cast AISI 4140 steel
Medium frequency induction heated for a surface hardening to 6mm
Round and Square swages
88% of total mass is under the face (optimal for knifemaking)

Target weight of 142 lbs
10″ x 4″ face
4″ Conical short horn
4″ flat horn
1″ step
1″ hardy hole
1/2″ pritchel

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These anvils will ONLY be shipped via UPS Ground (unless you want to pick it up locally)

New anvils will require dressing. This is the process of grinding your anvil smooth to your liking. An angle grinder with a 40/80/120 flap wheel will only take a few minutes to dress the horn, corners, step, etc. Some use the anvil as/is, others want to polish it before using. The choice is entirely up to you.

The face and bottom of the anvil have been machined flat. These surfaces are ready to use.
The horn and step have been lightly ground, to inspect for any defects.


Additional information

Weight148 lbs
Dimensions20 × 12 × 12 in


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