Atlas Forge – Best for Knife Makers

Atlas Forge – Best for Knife Makers

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Our best forge for bladesmithing!  Compared to the forges on eBay/Amazon, it gets hotter, the insulation will last longer, it won’t rust, and it only uses $1 propane per hour!  Top that off with a swirling chamber, and we believe it’s the ultimate bladesmithing forge.  It’s so well engineered that multiple schools and even ABS Mastersmiths have been known to add them to their shops.

The Atlas forge uses Plicast LWI 24 cast refractory, cured and baked for 4 hours at 450°F.  Ready to use right out of the box and it will last much longer than wool based forges.

It’s more than hot enough to forge weld, but you need to use a fluxless method.  Borax will damage the refractory.

Available on backorder



Now available for pre-order! More should be available by October 21.

Chamber measures 2.5″ diameter × 11″
2” rear opening
Max temp of 2500° F
630+ BTU per cubic inch,
Hot enough to forge weld!


  • Stainless steel forge w/ adjustable sliding tool rest
  • 0-20 PSI regulator w/hose connects to 20lb. propane tanks
  • Atlas stainless steel 30k BTU burner

Additional information

Weight19.8 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 in

3 reviews for Atlas Forge – Best for Knife Makers

  1. banks67 (verified owner)

    great little forge for a newbie…fast set up with easy instructions to help…works perfect

  2. william carl clem

    Awesome little forge, my 2nd purchased forge I have 3 others I have made. It will more then reach a forge welding temp, i have melted part of a 12″ long double cut bastard file. Only thing is maybe adding a way to control air flow, some steel ends up with lots of scale more then some others

    • Charles Clayton

      Adjusting the burner in/out of the port will change the amount of air. Very easy to adjust for oxidizing atmo for higher temps, or reducing for fluxless welding.

  3. Jacob

    Fantastic little unit. Going from a cobbled together charcoal forge to this is all the difference.

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