Combo – Atlas Forge & Thermocouple

Combo – Atlas Forge & Thermocouple


That’s right, Stainless!!!
Now ships via USPS large flat rate $18

May includes a piece of 1075 steel from Admiral Steel (depending on availability)

Chamber measures 2.5″ diameter × 11″
2” rear opening
Max temp of 2350° F
600+BTU per cubic inch,
Hot enough to forge weld!
Includes forge, adjustable sliding tool rest
0-20 PSI regulator w/hose connects to 20lb. propane tanks
Atlas stainless steel 30k BTU burner


Thermocouple: Type K
Measuring Temperature: -58°F – 2372°F (-50°C – 1300°C)
Display Temperature: 1999°F (1250°C)
Wire Diameter: 3.2mm
Total Length: 215mm/8.5″
Insulation Length: 162 mm/6.3″
Tube Shape: 6 Pcs x 1″ Ceramic Tube
Insulator: Two-Hole Insulator

This multimeter is capable of displaying 0-1999°F and 0-1250°C.


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“Hot enough to forge weld, small enough to still be portable!”

    • One of the only knifemaker specific forges available, it’s designed and built by knifemakers. All the improvements to the forge over the past 7 years have come from recommendations from knifemakers. All forges are hand made in Iowa, USA, so yours will vary slightly from the picture.
    • The Atlas Mini Forge uses insulating firebrick. This brick is softer and very efficient, and is much safer for your lungs than wool.
    • The Atlas Mini Forge can use kerosene or brake cleaner as flux without damaging any bricks.
      My personal preference is to weld fluxless. I’ve had great success due to the neutrality of the flame in the Atlas Mini.
    • Be aware that the bricks are very fragile and will crack due to expansion from heating, moisture, etc. This is normal and unavoidable. We have used thermal imaging to inspect the forges during use and have found that cracks do NOT affect the performance of the forge.
    • Thermocouple can be connected directly to digital thermometers.
    • It can measure VERY HIGH temperatures up to 2372 °F(1300°)
    • This heavy duty 8 gauge comes in 8.5 inch length.
    • The length of this thermocouple is measured by the number of 1 inch long ceramics.
    • Some extra length is added for connections.
    • You can adjust the length of this thermocouple by bending the probe/thread at installation.

To connect the thermocouple to the multimeter, it is recommended to cut the white temperate probe near the end and wrap the wires around the thermocouple connectors.
If the temperature readout goes down, reverse the wires on the thermocouple. Improper connection can cause temperatures to be off as much as 130°F

Additional information

Weight17.25 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 in


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