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Atlas Anvil – 65 lbs bundled w/ Hot Cut Hardy

Atlas Anvil – 65 lbs bundled w/ Hot Cut Hardy


Built exclusively for bladesmiths in the style of a modified sawyers anvil, the Atlas Anvil brings our never-ending quest to create the most advanced, thought out products to the bladesmithing community. With clear focus given on practicality, shipping, and the needs of a bladesmith, we got rid of the horn and heel and put all the mass under the hammer.  We also cast and ground in a small bevel, large bevel, and the radius around the hardie hole is 2″.

Compare the performance of the Atlas Anvil to 120 lb. traditional anvils.

Material: AISI 4150 steel(not cast iron)

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The Atlas Anvil is specifically engineered for bladesmiths.
This anvil is raw, unpainted steel.  Leave it outdoors and it will rust, developing a nice patina.
This is a cast steel, hardened anvil of 4150 alloy for improved toughness


Material: AISI 4150 steel
Weight: 64-66 lbs.
Hardness: HRC 55
Size: 4″ x 8″(face) x 9″ tall
Hardie: 1″ (only 3/4″ on previous anvils)
Pritchell: none
Base: 5″ x 9″ x 1″ thick
Bevels: 4″ x ½” radius bevel pre-ground

Tariffs account for $25 per anvil

Some of these anvils may have very fine surface cracks.  We believe this is caused by the surface grinding being too aggressive.  We have tested these thoroughly and found that they are very shallow and DO NOT AFFECT PERFORMANCE. 

Additional information

Weight69 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 5.5 in


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