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Alec Anvil – 78 lbs


Alec Anvil – 78 lbs


AISI 5260 steel alloy

The Atlas Anvil is specifically engineered for bladesmiths.
This anvil is raw, unpainted steel.  Leave it outdoors and it will rust, developing a nice patina.
Your new anvil will require proper dressing with a flap wheel. This is standard for new anvils of all brands.
This is a cast steel, hardened anvil of 5260 alloy for improved toughness


Material: AISI 5260 steel
Weight: 77-78 lbs.
Hardness: > HRC 48-52
Size: 4″ wide x 14″ long x 9″ tall
Hardy: 1″
Pritchell: none
Base: 6″ x 9″ x 1.5″ thick
Bevels: 3″ x ½” radius bevel pre-ground
Swages: Round, Square, Hex

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This is perhaps the best anvil I’ve made yet.  We started with an Atlas Anvil, and threw everything at it except the kitchen sink.

  • Double horn
  • Three simple swages in the base
  • Enlarged base for upsetting
  • 1″ cutting shelf
  • Pre-ground 1/2″ radius bevel

Compare the performance of the Alec Anvil to 130 LBs traditional anvils.




Additional information

Weight80 lbs
Dimensions16 × 12 × 8 in


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