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Heavy Duty 6″ Thermocouple Set 1999°F/1250°C


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Thermocouple: Type K
Measuring Temperature: -58°F – 2372°F (-50°C – 1300°C)
Display Temperature: 1999°F (1250°C)
Wire Diameter: 3.2mm
Total Length: 215mm/8.5″
Insulation Length: 162 mm/6.3″
Tube Shape: 6 Pcs x 1″ Ceramic Tube
Insulator: Two-Hole Insulator

This multimeter is capable of displaying 0-1999°F and 0-1250°C.

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Thermocouple can be connected directly to digital thermometers.
By removing its connector, it can also be connected to temperature controllers.
It can measure VERY HIGH temperatures up to 2372 °F(1300°)
This heavy duty 8 gauge comes in 8.5 inch length.
The length of this thermocouple is measured by the number of 1 inch long ceramics.
Some extra length is added for connections.
You can adjust the length of this thermocouple by bending the probe/thread at installation.

To connect the thermocouple to the multimeter, it is recommended to cut the white temperate probe near the end and wrap the wires around the thermocouple connectors.
If the temperature readout goes down, reverse the wires on the thermocouple. Improper connection can cause temperatures to be off as much as 130°F

To use the thermocouple, I recommend placing the probe under the metal
as it sits in the forge. This will give the most accurate reading.
Typical use is to learn the correlation between temp and color. After
a while, you will no longer need the thermocouple except for HT.


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Weight.8125 lbs
Dimensions6 × 8 × 1 in

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